Treasure Isle is one of Zynga's games.


Like most of Zynga's games, Treasure Isle uses energy to do tasks. The main part of the game is to find treasure at many islands. Normal sand, grass, and paths use 5 energy, plants use 7, and rocks use 10. Some squares need special items to get past, such as bug spray.

Map FragmentsEdit

You can collect fragments to replay islands. The bigger the island, the more fragments are needed


There are 5 treasures in a collection. After getting the treasures in that collection, you can trade it in for money and experience. The rarer the items in the collection are, the more money you get.

Home IslandEdit

On your home island, you can edit and buy items for it. When you start playing, it comes with a dock, boat, hut, 2 garden spots, and a gem tree.


Gems come from gem trees. You can only have one on your home island, and the color is random. You may also buy 5 of one color for 8 isle cash, or 1 of each color for 8 cash. You also can visit your friend's islands and get gems from them. There are 5 colors: diamond-shaped red, water-shaped blue, circular-shaped orange, rectangular-shaped green, and triangular-shaped purple. Gems are used to unlock tiki heads, which lead to other parts of an island.


One update included the world map. So far, 8 areas have been announced, though only 2 are playable at the moment.

Tiki IslesEdit

This area has many tiki heads, though some don't need gems. It is one of the 2 playable places

Mayan IslesEdit

The islands in this area are mayan-themed. There are many mayan calenders, trees, and bugs. It is the second playable area.

Egyptian IslesEdit

Obviously, it is Egyptian-themed. It is non-playable at the moment.


Not much is known about it. The game shows many sinking columns and a statue of an ancient god, very similar looking to Zeus. It is not playable.

Asian IslesEdit

A China-themed area. It is non-playable.

Pirate CoveEdit

Not much is known. It shows a skull-shaped rock and a pirate flag.

North PoleEdit

A Ice-capped theme are. The picture shows somesort of gate covered in ice and penguins.